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Timber construction in agriculture – resource-efficient and digitally planned 

A new planning system for agricultural buildings is being developed in the TimberPlan + research project 


Development of a digital planning tool for system hall roofs made of wood, which enables the use of a material-efficient roof construction in lamellar wood construction – ReFlexRoof. Automated production and pre-assembly processes are to be included, taking into account the special circumstances of small and medium-sized carpentry companies.


→ Development of a BIM -based overall model for agricultural buildings with a resource-efficient roof structure
→ Draft of a planning methodology for a flexibly adaptable, resource-efficient building system made of wood
→ Development of constructive key details and connections taking into account changing building physics requirements as a result of variable use
→ Development of a parameter-controlled, static design concept
→ Development of a holistic, use-related fire protection concept
→ Evaluation of the planning methodology on a demonstration object
→ Presentation of the individual results on the overall model

Status quo

The Zollinger lamella construction method has been tried and tested for 100 years for wide-span, arched roof structures made of wood. The structurally similar lamellas and the standardized node connection for the transmission of compressive forces are suitable for serial production. Researchers at the University of Technology, Economics and Culture Leipzig (HTWK) have taken up the Zollinger lamellar construction and used it to design a circular arch-shaped ribbed roof construction made of wood, which can be prefabricated as a unit. The so-called ReFlexRoof system is therefore both resource-efficient and structurally flexible and recyclable.


  • For the first time digitally based planning methodology for agricultural buildings
  • With the ReFlexRoof system, material-efficient and robust system roof constructions for halls used in agriculture can be created
  • TimberPlan + is intended to incorporate the extensive machining and assembly skills provided by the carpentry and roofing trades and to strengthen the primary use of wood as a building material in regional production
  • Enables fully or partially automated, NC-controlled production and pre-assembly processes in regionally operating SMEs in wood construction

Project data and partners

University of Technology, Economics and Culture Leipzig (HTWK Leipzig)
FKZ 2220HV003A

Dresden University of Technology and Economics
FKZ 2220HV003B

Technical University of Braunschweig
FKZ 2220HV003C

Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy IMW
FKZ 2220HV003D

Joinery Center Leipzig GmbH
FKZ 2220KV003E

STRAB Ingenieurholzbau Hermsdorf GmbH
FKZ 2220HV003F

Project partner in subcontract:
Bau-Werk-Architect, Prenzlau
Holz [construction] physics – Office for wood construction and building physics, Leipzig
STEIN.Ing, Droyßig

Associated partners:
University of Leipzig, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Institute for Animal Hygiene and Public Veterinary Affairs, Prof. Uwe Truyen
Wood trading, sawmill and planing mill Schmidt & Thürmer GmbH & Co. KG

Project duration:

March 2020 – February 2023

Additional information can be found here:


Bildquelle: Flex @ HTWK Leipzig

Arc-shaped ribbed roof construction as a standard construction: a digital planning system for agricultural buildings is to be created for the first time on the basis of the ReflexRoof.
Photo: Flex @ HTWK Leipzig 

Researchers at the HTWK Leipzig designed the arched wooden rib roof construction based on the model of the Merseburg architect Friedrich Zollinger, who was already working 100 years ago on building solutions that could be built quickly to counter the housing shortage.
Photo: Flex @ HTWK Leipzig 

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