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Also Producing Biomethane in Small-Scale Biogas Plants  

Storing renewable electricity as bio natural gas 


  • Development of a power-to-gas concept for decentralized, agricultural biogas plants
  • Development of management models with needs-based electricity generation


  • Development of a methanation reactor for small-scale biogas plants and endurance testing with real biogas
  • Exfiltration of biogas from the fermenter and the catalytic reduction of its CO2 content in the bypass flow, if the corresponding electricity is available at low cost (power-to-gas concept), followed by feeding the biomethane back into the gas storage facility
  • Gradual increase of the methane content, and thus energy content, in the biogas in order to facilitate flexible, needs-based operation of the CHP plants
  • Compilation of integrated system concepts for direct methanation for small and medium-sized systems
  • Economic analysis of the concept and preparation of a subsequent demonstration project at a real biogas plant

Status Quo

  • Agricultural biogas plants are one of the most important pillars of the energy transition
  • Many plants are operated at base load and therefore do not react to fluctuations in electricity demand
  • Power-to-gas concepts have so far been difficult to implement for small-scale plants, especially if no connection to the gas network is available


  • Maintaining small-scale agricultural biogas plants and preparing for the time after EEG remuneration
  • Purchase of excess electricity and chemical storage as biomethane
  • Facilitation of needs-based, flexible electricity generation in the event of an increase in electricity demand for agricultural biogas plants

Project Data and Partners

The “Joint Project: Direct Methanation for Added Flexibility in Small and Medium-Sized Biogas Plants” is being implemented in three sub-projects by the following partners (funding code in brackets):

  • Sub-project 1: Erprobung eines heat pipe gekühlten Reaktors für die Direktmethanisierung von Biogas; Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Lehrstuhl für Energieverfahrenstechnik (22035318)
  • Sub-project 2: Konzeption und Integration von Heißgasinjektoren für den gekoppelten Betrieb eines Biogasfermenters mit einer Methanisierung; regineering GmbH, Pollenfeld (2219NR277)
  • Sub-project 3: Gekoppelter Betrieb eines Laborfermenters mit katalytischer Biogas-Direktmethanisierung; Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt – Zentrum für Angewandte Forschung (2219NR279)

January 2020 – December 2022

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