Showcase 2021

November 25-27, 2021 | Marina da Gloria - Rio de Janeiro, RJ



Contact and information

Relationship Center: 0800 570 0800

Av. Leonardo Malcher, 924 / Centro – Manaus/AM, CEP: 69010-170


Sebrae AM

Sebrae in Amazonas is a non-profit civil society, constituted by public deed, in the form of an Autonomous Social Service of the Federal Government, created with the primary purpose of inducing the development of micro and small companies, with a view to improving their results and strengthening of its social role. It is regulated by its own statute, pursuant to Decree No. 99,570, of 10/09/1990, it integrates the National Sebrae System, acting in the State of Amazonas as an executor of programs and projects in favor of the development of micro and small companies, having its headquarters and forum in the city of Manaus.  

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