Showcase 2021

25-27 de novembro de 2021 | Marina da Glória - Rio de Janeiro, RJ



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Sesc RJ

Founded in 1946, the Social Service for Commerce is a private, non-profit entity, with the objective of providing well-being and quality of life to workers in this sector and their families, in addition to the population in general. Children, young people, adults and the elderly benefit from activities in the areas of Education, Health, Culture, Leisure and Assistance, always encouraging solidarity, human dignity and social transformation.  

Mesa Brasil

This is Sesc RJ’s food security program. A national network of food banks that fight hunger and waste, taking from those who can donate to those who need to receive. Thus, citizenship and an improvement in the quality of life of people in situations of social vulnerability are promoted from a perspective of social inclusion, which also includes several educational actions.  

Mesa no Campo

The project was born through a partnership between Sesc RJ and the Farmers Association of Salinas Nova Friburgo – APROSOL. The project aims to encourage the harvesting of food that is out of commercial standards due to strict selection criteria related to size, appearance, etc., but which could perfectly well be on any consumer’s table.

They are not harvested due to the high cost of the infrastructure necessary for their logistics, transforming them into fertilizer for the next planting. This procedure is common among farmers, which awakened the possibility of using these foods to fight hunger, and consequently serve as a model for combating food waste and sustainable development in our State. And most importantly, donate fresh food with less nutrient loss and longer storage period.

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